About the Sessions

I created this series of ‘sessions’ to address and walk you through some of the most common topics my clients bring to therapy and our work together. Although a great deal of my work is with clients who have experienced trauma, PTSD, etc. some areas are very much common to all of us. Those are some of the areas I have developed (and will continue to develop) here.

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Who is this for?

Many of us could use the extra support these sessions offer. It is ideal for those who are not compelled to attend therapy but think they could use some guidance in their journey. It can also help those who are planning on attending therapy but are not ready to start yet. And of course, those who would love to attend therapy but cannot afford its cost.

Please understand that some of the issues we struggle with cannot be solved by only reading, journaling or watching videos, including this one, so if any of these sessions, or parts of them trigger you in any way, I encourage you to seek help from a mental professional. Please read the description of each of the sessions you purchase so that you are aware of the content we will be covering.

What can I expect?

We hope that you can set aside some time to think, meditate (or learn to do so), reflect and get in touch with the versions of you that have not healed. We are so busy in our daily lives that we forget to live. Expect to be challenged, to be real with yourself and to engage in deep-level thinking that might feel uncomfortable at times. However, as I always tell my clients, there is no growth without discomfort.

The Details

Cost: Varies

Length: Length varies from session to session. Visit the session page for specific timelines


All sessions you purchase will be available to you for a 12-month period.

Additionally, with the purchase of every session, you will have access to a 30-minute consultation with Dayami Fernandes. During the consultation, you can ask questions about the session that is specific to YOU and get feedback or more personalized care.