Valuable Professional Development for Teachers

As a teacher, a counsellor and a parent I have a privileged vantage point. 

I understand the time constraints that teachers work under but also the expectations of administrators and parents for the teachers to support the students in the classroom the best they can. 

More importantly, with the emphasis on mental health, we want teachers to understand and have the capacity to help our children but unfortunately, teachers are not trained to identify, support and work with children experiencing anxiety, depression and so many other mental health issues that are now very prevalent in our classrooms. 

So I am here to help. Click the button below to browse the different Professional Development seminars we are offering for teachers. From tips to small chats and activities in your classroom, to full lessons on character education that can be embedded in what you are already doing or taught separately. 

Note: Any of the PD sessions can be adapted to the needs of your school and community.