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Parenting in times of covid-19

It is obvious that we are living unprecedented times. In times like these, we need all the help we can get. This is one of those things that can help.

I just created a guide that can take some pressure out of planning your day, and your child's day. Use it, modify it, share it. If you have any questions, reach out. 

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Parenting Chats | Conversaciones con padres

Sometimes we just need to talk | A veces solo necesitamos hablar con alguien

As parents, we face many challenges.  Despite all the parenting books out there, our own children do not come with an instruction manual and so many times we feel lost, confused, and wondering if our children are like the other kids or if what we are doing will damage our child rather than help them. 

That is why I am offering Parenting Chats. A space where you can chat about you and your child, no commitments to therapy or interventions, just you chatting with a teacher and a counselling, about your child, your worries, your concerns, and more importantly your parenting style. Come as many times as you want, and we can chat about conflicts, strategies, resources and ideas that can help you and your child. 


Como padres, nos enfrentamos a muchos retos. A pesar de todos los libros que hay sobre como ser un buen padre o ayudar a nuestros hijos, ellos no vienen con un manual de instrucciones y muchas veces nos sentimos perdidos, confundidos y preguntándonos que es normal y que no lo es, o si como padres estamos haciendo algo que daña a nuestros hijos. 

Es por eso que he creado estas conversaciones con padres. Un espacio para hablar de usted y de sus hijos, sin compromiso de terapia o de intervenciones, solo usted y yo hablando de sus sus hijos, sus preocupaciones, su estilo de parentesco. Puede venir cuantas veces quiera o necesite. Hablamos de estrategias, recursos e ideas que los pueden ayudar a usted y a su hijo.  


Parenting is hard

I am a teacher, a counsellor and a parent. I know the challenges, I understand the need to talk to someone who can guide us or put our minds at ease. 

Emotion Coaching

5 ways to increase your child's EQ

5 ways to increase your child's EQ

Emotion coaching | Emotion Coaching Calgary | Seminar for parents Calgary | Children's emotion

Emotion Coaching is a research-based method that teaches children how to regulate their behaviour and emotions. 

Children experience big feelings as they move through life and as parents we don't always know how to help them accept, regulate and adapt to the demands of the external world. 

John and Julie Gottman and the Gottman Institute have created these seminars and we are pleased to offer them right here in Calgary. 

For more information about Emotion coaching from the Gottman Institute click here

For information on seminars in Calgary  click here

5 ways to increase your child's EQ

5 ways to increase your child's EQ

5 ways to increase your child's EQ

Emotional Intelligence | Helping children cope | emotion coaching | emotion coaching Calgary

It is becoming a common topic to talk about. Parenting your child to become socially engaged, empathetic and have a high level of understanding of their emotional world and those of others around them is key to their wellbeing, their academic and life success. But do we know how to help our children become more emotionally aware? Do we know how to help them increase their EQ? Click below to download the handout 

Click here for the handout 

Emotion Coaching seminar for Parents Calgary

How do you feel when your children are angry? How about when they are sad? Do you try to help them ‘get over it’? Or do you get upset when they ‘choose’ to be angry when they could ‘choose’ to be happy? It might have a lot to do with your childhood and your relationship with these emotions. Curious? Participate in one of our Emotion Coaching  Seminars for parents and together, we will get to the bottom of it.

Download the flyer for more details and if you are interested, email or for dates and fees