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Why Groups?

A therapeutic group is a great way to start exploring the issues that are standing in the way of living your life on your terms. It is a safe environment where you will learn, share, be supported and support others that are going through similar situations or stages in life.

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Managing Stress and burnout

Stress is an issue we all face in our daily lives whether is at work, in our relationships or family, and at the societal level. Sometimes it is because we do not have healthy and/or safe boundaries in place (people pleasing, trying to prove our worth, etc) and someother times it we become stressed because we are overextending ourselves. Especially today, after living through a pandemic and with the looming of a recession, we might be taking on more than we can handle.
For that reason, we at Conscientia Counselling want to offer you a safe space where you can learn how to manage your stress and identify burnout.
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A Safe Space for Black Women

The Sister Circle

Welcome, my name is Porcha, I am one of the therapists at Conscientia Counselling. I want to create a safe, inviting, and inclusive space in which Black women can gather to seek support for the various stressors they may be facing. According to Ward, Clark, & Heidrich (2009), cultural mistrust has fostered a deeper level of mental illness stigma among African Americans. I am passionate about doing my part to reduce the stigma and shame that exist about mental health especially among Black women.
The group will seek to explore the experiences of what it is like to be a Black woman in different spaces. It will offer a safe, supportive, inclusive space for women to share their experiences and promote healing while allowing Black women to connect with each other and build community in navigating various experiences.



Trauma in your Body

Sensorimotor Therapeutic Group

Emotional struggles as well as stress (especially chronic stress) can be remembered by the body. They can show up in the form of posture, sensations, physiological imbalances, gastrointestinal issues and so much more. Storing emotions and responses to those emotions in your body can be problematic. This group will teach you how to increase awareness, promote healing and how to realign your body with your mind.
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What you will learn/do

Group Details


Believe it or not, your body remembers. Trauma and stress do not happen only in your mind, they happen to your body as well. This group will allow you to link what happened to you with the way in which you have kept it in your body. You will learn how your body processes information and events, how you can regulate when faced with stressful or upsetting situations, how to recognize triggers and calm your sympathetic system and how to interpret your body’s cues to perceived danger and created fears.


Free. Whenever possible, we will offer options that are accessible to most. This group is one of those options. Our intention is to help individuals access mental health support without having to worry about insurance coverage, cost or bureaucracy.


This group is a drop-in group, meaning, you can attend one, two or all the sessions available. We meet in person at 2526 Battleford Avenue SW Suite #039

We meet:

Wednesdays: 7-8 pm

Saturdays: 11 am-1 pm

Format and sequence

Emotional aspects of the body movement, postures, reactions, etc. will be at the forefront and you will be guided on how to connect the mind and its adapted attachment styles to what you are experiencing in your body.

Some of the topics we are addressing are:

  • Exploring body awareness
  • Exploring body movements and the connection to autobiographical memories
  • Exploring your body responses to memories
  • Exploring your body responses to memories

Living with Anxiety Therapeutic Group | Group is closed now but check in back soon for when it is next available

TA and Mindfulness connected to create Mindfulness-Based Transactional Analysis (MBTA) teaches TA principles and encourages mindfulness Adult thinking. The mindful Adult is more accepting, judgment-free, non-evaluating of self, and possesses the capacity to process experiences in the here and now. Honing on these skills is beneficial to those suffering from anxiety and depression

What you will learn/do

Group Details


We want to help you create awareness of how you can heal and realign the body and the mind. By practicing awareness of body postures, movements and sensations you will be able to connect your memories to your current ailments. You will learn the importance of allowing the body to process emotions and communications when faced with upsetting or stressful situations. Learning simple exercises will allow you to plan ahead in terms of ways to support yourself.


Free. In today’s high uncertainties, individuals are experiencing higher than typical levels of anxiety and we want to help in whichever way we can. 



But stay tuned for the next sessions

Format and Sequence

The groups will run for 6 sessions each.

Session 1: Therapists will discuss how and why anxiety is in our lives (the purpose of anxiety and when anxiety becomes unhealthy) and explore how symptoms have been affecting their lives

Session 2: Therapists will introduce the ego-states. Members will work through different scenarios using ego-state on interpersonal communication

Session 3: In this session, individuals will go deeper. The therapist will introduce the drama triangle to identify ‘hooks’ and patterns in their behaviour that gives space for anxiety and/or depression.

Session 4: introduce drivers and injunctions. Discussion about why members could be struggling with change. Releasing blame on self and feelings of being a burden.

Session 5: Connecting with other members and sharing what has worked and what has not. Look at patterns of interpersonal communication. Physical aspects of anxiety and techniques to remain grounded.

Session 6: Final session with final thoughts, sharing and other closure activities.

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Have a group topic in mind?

Let us know what topics would you like to see covered in therapeutic groups
Send us a note

Have a group topic in mind?

Let us know what topics would you like to see covered in therapeutic groups

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