Dear Colleagues

Thanks for visiting my page. Through the time that I have been practicing I have come across very valuable resources regarding therapeutic approaches, registration, associations, etc. and I would like to use this venue to share these resources with you.  Feel free to share this site with other colleagues or even clients if you think they can benefit from the resources I have gathered in this site. 

Interesting links and resources


The association of counselling therapists of Alberta is a new organization that is minding the regulation of the counselling practice in our province. The association will soon become the College of Counselling Therapist of Alberta. For more information click here


Supervision is a process in which a supervisor engages with a supervisee to discuss the direction of therapy services you offer to your clients. This relationship promotes professional growth, personal reflection and self-awareness.  For more information email


Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is a website which explores the ins and outs of the theory and provides mental health professionals with plenty of articles, resources, handouts for clients and much more. 

Click here to access their page

Therapist Aid

As the name says it, this site has all sort of handouts that can be used for homework for your clients. They have a great selection of worksheets, in several languages. 

Click here to access the site

Gottman Institute

Gottman Institute has over 35 years of research on couples, families and child rearing. They frequently post articles and training dates that might be of your interest

Psychology Today

Psychology today provides you with interesting articles from psychology professionals as well as allows you to be part of the directory of professionals in your area. For more details Click here

My favourite Podcasts

Psychology today

I can't rave enough about this podcast. Listen to Scott Barry Kaufman (one of my favourite people on earth) experts as they discuss so many different areas of our line of work. You can access it everywhere you listen to podcasts or by clicking HERE

The HumanXP"

The host Xavier Katana will lead you through a conversation about human behaviour, learning and so much more. Click here to access their page 

Hidden Brain: NPR

Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships. Click HERE to access their site




Regardless of your area of specialization, I think you will come around a client who is experiencing issues with attachment and/or parenting. This book will help. 

"HOLD ON TO YOUR KIDS" by Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate

This book helps parents understand the phenomenon known as "peer orientation" and provides solutions to restore the intuitive child-parent bond to its rightful preeminence.