Will the services be covered by my benefits?

I am a Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCC # 10001318) and a Registered Counselling
Therapist with ACTA (RCT#1023) and with CCPCP (#3125); however, while the College of Counselling Therapists of Alberta (CCTA) is waiting for government approval to be proclaimed, I am not able to provide you with receipts with those credentials.
It is wise to phone your insurance company before we begin our work together and confirm that they cover either CCCs or RSWs. Benefit companies such as SunLife, Manulife, GreenShield and Alberta Blue Cross all have benefit packages that include my designation or that of my supervisor, however, employers normally purchase said benefits in the form of “packages” and they choose the services they offer to their employees within those packages. Unfortunately, some employers choose benefit packages that include only psychologists so you need to phone both your employer and your benefit company and clarify what is covered and what is not.


As of Nov 2021, the College of Counselling Therapists of Alberta is ready to be proclaimed. The last step is Cabinet approval. However, the minister of health has postponed the proclamation indefinitely for no reason. This irresponsible action has left Albertans exposed to being harmed by people that are not qualified but still call themselves counsellors. If you have not already, please click the link below to tell your MLA to take action on the proclamation. The proclamation of the college will also allow insurance companies to consider registered counsellors for benefit approval.

CLICK HERE to send the letter to your MLA and learn more


How long will Therapy Last?

The therapeutic process is an interesting one. There is no short answer to this question. It all depends on the presenting issues, the symptoms you are experiencing, your readiness to change, your support system, your core beliefs about yourself and your world, cognitive distortions, and so much more. Human beings are complex beings, and the solution to our issues are complex as well. All I ask is that you are patient, compassionate, open and ready to embark upon your own personal journey. I’ll sail right beside you all the way through.


Do you offer free consultations?

We do. My interns take care of the intake process for me. You must head to the client portal (the link is on the “Book Now” page), choose “New Client Consultation” and the list of available slots will show

However, if you are ready to start your healing journey, feel free to choose sessions (60 min or 90 min) with the counsellor that works best for you.


Can you work with people that have experienced trauma?

Yes. I am an EMDRIA-registered and EMDR-certified counsellor. EMDR is proven to help relieve the effects that trauma, PTSD, panic attacks, abuse, and childhood neglect have played in your life. Stop living a life that is nearly a response to your trauma, and choose one that is the response to your goals.