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We all feel sad every once in a while, it is part of the human experience. However, when our sadness is persistent, it might be time to consider depression. Depression presents different for everyone. Some people experience irritability, feeling hopeless, very sad, having trouble sleeping and enjoying the things you used to, fatigue, low energy and tiredness, trouble eating or eating too much, a decrease in libido (sexual drive), and more. We can help you find the root cause of your depression and feel like your authentic self again. 


Anxiety is like a little voice warning you about everything that could go wrong all the time. For some it looks like pro-actively planning and for others is a complete state of panic and despair.  Anxiety feels like restlessness, sweaty palms, inability to fully rest or sleep, a rapid hear beat. It is mild for some but very severe for others. Either way, anxiety is robbing you from being in the present moment and from enjoying life to the fullest. Our counsellors can help you with both healthy coping mechanisms and with tools to challenge the pesky thoughts that are taking you away form the here and now. 


Trauma is not what happened to you, it is how your mind, brain and body reacted because what happened to you. We all have the capacity to overcome difficult experiences but post-traumatic growth is not an easy target for everyone. Our team of therapists are qualified professionals that can help you navigate complex, painful and sometimes challenging experiences. We use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), IFS (Internal Family Systems) and other approaches with empathy, care and patience. 

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Romantic Relationships

Falling in love is actually the easy part. Staying in love and purposefully choosing to love someone is the hard part. It is full of complexities, distractions, innuendos, and when you think you have each other figured out, life throws you curved balls. The truth is that at any given point, every relationship needs a little bit of a tune up. We experience disconnection, trauma, losses, life transitions and more often than not the help of a neutral party can help us remember the reasons why we are together in the first place. Using the most validated methods for couples work, out team is happy to help you navigate these moments. 


We do not give enough credit to the role friends play in our lives and our mental health. I have worked with dozen of clients that are struggling to make, keep and or mend friendships. There is so much to consider, values, goals, personalities, history, trauma, cognitive distortions, core beliefs just to mention a few. We will help you dig into the dynamics of your friendships and we are even opened to see you all in our session. We can help you communicate your needs better, reach clarity on past experiences, heal emotional wounds and determine a cleared path for all of you.


Children do not come with an instructional manual. They come with their own personality traits, internal goals and aspirations. They are a cocktail of traits from their ancestors. So if that is the case, how do we navigate parenting in this new world full of expectations, cancel culture, masked criticism, online hate and bullying? The answer could be simpler than you think and it is for sure different for everyone. We welcome you to our parenting chats. They engage you in personalized reflections about your parenting style, the goals you have established as a parent and the exploration on how to show up for your child.

Family Dynamics

Intergenerational trauma is real and many of us who have developed awareness of our family patterns of interactions are ready to break them. This can be both challenging and isolating. We might be afraid to lose our family, to be alone. We might not feel as if we are good enough. We might lose our sense of belonging. For all of these reasons, we offer compassionate and culturally inclusive services that can help you navigate the maladaptive family dynamics that are no longer working for you.