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We work hard to bring you emotional and psychological well being. 

I'm the owner and founder

Dayamí Fernandes

My passion is to help people achieve self-understanding and self-awareness. When people understand themselves, they are able to make decisions based on current needs and the goals they have for life.
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I'm a Counselling Therapist

Anna Gwozdz

I believe that you are the guide in your therapeutic journey and I am here to hold the flashlight as we walk, illuminating the things you might be missing, or those that need a little extra attention. I am here to walk alongside you and to provide the nudges you need to grow.
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I'm a Counselling Therapist

Tolu Adepoju

You might be at a crossroads presently and wondering if you should seek therapy. You might even feel uncertain, lost or unsure of where to begin. My name is Tolu, and I work from a collaborative stance that respects and considers your perspective and individuality to help you reach your therapeutic goals. I also work from a trauma-informed perspective and culturally responsive lens. Click picture to read more

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