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Free Group: Managing Stress and Burnout

Managing Stress & Burnout

Learn how to be aware of the signs of stress and burnout and how to cope with them effectively
Wednesday, March 29th – April 19th, 2023 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm (MST)
Location: Virtual & or in -person This Group is open to anyone ages 18 – 50 in Canada

A space for creating self-awareness, self-understanding and meaningful change.

Conscientia” is the Latin word for AWARENESS and that is basically the purpose of my practice: to help you create awareness in your life and in your relationships. When you understand who you are, you have choices, you are able to decide how to act but more importantly, you are able to make appropriate decisions, decisions that are based on current needs; you can think and act in the present moment instead of based on experiences from the past. We operate in Calgary.

Conscientia” en latin significa consciencia, y crear consciencia es justamente la base y el propósito de mi práctica: ayudarte a crear consciencia de ti mismo, de tu vida y de tus relaciones. Cuando entiendes quién eres y como adquiriste tus creencias, tus decisiones, etc. estás creando opciones. Eres capaz de decidir cómo comportarte, y lo que es más importante, puedes tomar las decisiones correctas, basadas en las necesidades del momento, puedes pensar y actuar en el presente en lugar de basado en las experiencias del pasado. Operamos en Calgary.

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A strong working alliance…that is all there is. When you have a good, strong rapport with your counsellor, therapy will work.  At Conscientia that is what we do. We are honest, approachable and empathetic but we are also goal-oriented. We lend a listening ear and work with you towards making the life changes you need in order to live to your full potential.

Una sólida alianza de trabajo…es todo lo que hace falta. Si el cliente tienen una buena relación con su terapeuta, la terapia funciona. En Conscientia, eso es justamente lo que hacemos. Somos honestos, accesibles y empatéticos pero también nos enfocamos en las metas que los clientes se trazan para terapia. Escuchamos atentamente y trabajamos juntos para que se realicen los cambios necesarios para que viva su vida a plenitud.

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Sessions can be booked in-person and online. Different counsellors have different availabilities.


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“Sometimes we have to unlearn the thinking that keeps us prisoners of our own insecurities

Susan Jeffers

Having the courage to be flexible and change your relationship with yourself and with your ideas for good is a great measure of growth

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