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Counselling Services in Calgary

A space for creating self-awareness, self-understanding and meaningful change.

Conscientia” is the Latin word for AWARENESS and that is basically the purpose of my counselling services in Calgary: to help you create awareness in your life and in your relationships. When you understand who you are, you have choices, you are able to decide how to act but more importantly, you are able to make appropriate decisions, decisions that are based on current needs; you can think and act in the present moment instead of based on experiences from the past. We operate in Calgary. Learn more about our approach on our About Us page.

Counselling works


counselling services

A strong working alliance…that is all there is. When you have a good, strong rapport with your counsellor, therapy will work.  At Conscientia that is what we do. We are honest, approachable and empathetic but we are also goal-oriented. We lend a listening ear and work with you towards making the life changes you need in order to live to your full potential. Meet Our Team of dedicated professionals.

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Sessions can be booked in-person and online. Different counsellors have different availabilities.

Monday - Saturday By Appointment
Saturday By Appointment
Sunday Closed

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“Sometimes we have to unlearn the thinking that keeps us prisoners of our own insecurities”

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Stress Management

Stress can appear in our lives as a response to our environment, or created by our bodies as an internal stimulus.

Having the courage to be flexible and change your relationship with yourself and with your ideas for good is a great measure of growth

We are located in the South West

Our new address is Suite 520 at 222, 58th Avenue SW. T2H 2S3

You can enter the building from 58th avenue, go up to the 5th floor and our suite is right across from the elevators